Avaya 9640 IP Telephone - Like New - $38.00 - 90 Day Warranty

1 Available (Call to Order)

Color display – 3.8” diagonal ¼ VGA quality pixel-based with adjustable display angle

Six line buttons with LEDs for favorite features

Full-duplex wideband speaker phone

Four-way navigation cluster button

Forward/mobility, Message, Mute, Speaker, Headset, and Call log buttons (LEDs)

Volume button (separate volume levels in the handset, speaker, and ringer)

Power over Ethernet 802.3af compliant class 2 device


1 Used Avaya 5410 digital telephone - cleaned & tested - 90 day warranty.

5 line x 29 character display

11 Fixed Feature Buttons

12 Programmable Feature Buttons

Message Waiting Indicator

Two-way hands-free speaker and microphone

Desk or Wall Mountable



Cards & Peripheral Equipment

Avaya IP500 VCM32 - Like New- $79.00 - 1 Available (Call to Order)

  • Provides voice compression channels - Used for VoIP calls
  • Provides 4 RJ45 ports - Can be fitted with an optional IP500 trunk interface card that uses these ports for trunk connections (IP500 Analog Trunk 4, IP500 Universal PRI 1, IP500 Universal PRI 2)
  • Maximum - 2 per IP500 control unit; 148 channel maximum using IP500 and or IP400 VCM cards


Manuals & User Guides

AT&T Spirit 2448 Admin Manual.pdf 408.5KB
AT&T Spirit 308 Manual.pdf 658.6KB

AT&T Merlin 206,410 & 820 FP2.pdf 318.7KB

AT&T Merlin Legend MLX Display Telephone User's Guide.pdf 661.4KB

AT&T Merlin Mail User Guide.pdf 4.3MB
AT&T Merlin Mail System Admiinistration.pdf 787.4KB

AT&T Merlin Magix 4400 Type Telephones.pdf 1.3MB

AT&T Merlin Magix 4406, 4412, 4424 Type Telephones.pdf 600.2KB

Partner System Quick Reference Guide.pdf 1.2MB

Partner System Phone UG.pdf 89.5KB

IP Office Essential Edition Embedded Voicemail.pdf 481.7KB

IP Office Basic Edition Embedded Voicemail.pdf 391.1KB

IP Office Partner Mode Embedded Voicemail.pdf 391.1KB

IP Office 1616 IP Tel QRG.pdf 46.4KB

IP Office 9640 Tel QRG.pdf 199.2KB