$20.00 per month, per seat - minimum 5 seats.  Call or email us for more details.

Select compatible IP phones from these manufactures*.




*Or certain models are also compatible from these manufacturers; Acuvox®, Alcatel®, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise®, AudioCodes®, Cisco®, Flying Voice®, Gigaset®, Htek®, iServ®, Mitel® (Astra), Mitel®, Panasonic®, Polycom®, QOSIP®, Snom®, Spectralink®, VTech®.  There is no shortage of options!  You can even BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  If you already have these types of phones, we'll connect them to a cloud account.


Epygi Cloud QX (ecQX) is a hosted PBX service. It offers the complete set of features available in our QX appliances. Trunk termination to PSTN is achieved through 3rd party SIP trunk providers giving flexibility of service. Redundancy is an inherent service that is implemented by an automatic fail-over to reduce the downtime of the instance to a couple of minutes in case of hardware or network failures. Basic activation starts with 5 extensions and can expand up to 3000.

ecQX, unlike some other products out there that restrict your hosting options, gives you the choice of hosting the ISO image at your data center or have it hosted by us on our systems.

Call Recording, Audio Conference and Call Center are some of the added services that can be activated separately as needed. ecQX comes with our cloud-based ecMON, monitoring and management service.

Epygi ecQX Cloud PBX Datasheet


Epygi® Licensed Products


eQall is Epygi’s award-winning softphone available for Microsoft Windows and for mobile devices using, Apple iOS and Android. It can be installed on a desktop PC, a laptop and a smartphone and will use the internet for making, receiving and transferring VoIP calls directly from your computer. With its easy-to-use interface it functions much the same way as any Epygi supported full-featured desk phone would.  eQall requires activation on the PBX unit for the application to communicate.

to the PBX. 


Epygi® eQall Softphone Brochure


eQall Receptionist Console enhances the eQall softphone capability with the extension watching and other receptionist capabilities. It shows the status of the watched extensions (ringing,busy or on a call). Allows calling and leaving voice mails to the mailboxes for watched extensions. Also allows transferring calls as well as intercepting calls to the watched extensions. Extensions for departments can be grouped for easy identification.

$6.00/month - 1 seat


Epygi’s Call Center Solution - Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) together with the Automatic Outbound Calling (AOC) and the Epygi ACD Console (EAC), provide a complete and robust solution for modern call centers. ACD is designed to receive and queue high-volume inbound calls, and then distribute the queued calls to available agents in a call center. AOC automates outbound calls directly to clients, whereas EAC is a web application designed to monitor agents' activity, store and format data and produce real-time statistical reports. Overall, Epygi’s call center solution consists of easy-to-use tools. The AOC and EAC do not require local PC installation – they are web-based and provide an efficient way of administering and monitoring the system.


Epygi® Call Center Solution


Epygi® Audio Video Conferencing - Epygi delivers conferencing solutions to meet any business need—from your smallest day-to-day discussions to your largest business-critical meetings. This solution will enable employees to collaborate and make the time spent on conference calls to be productive. With our high-quality video and audio capabilities you can give your remote team members the possibility of conducting real time discussions from anywhere. Eye-to-eye customer consultations and productive problem-solving sessions can also be conducted with Epygi’s reliable and affordable conferencing solution.

$5.00/Month/Each Audio Conference Port

Epygi® Audio Video Conferencing


Epygi® Call Recording - Epygi’s Call Recording is a powerful feature which lets you capture important calls to be played back for review after the call. It allows you to focus on the conversation and not have to worry about taking notes or memorizing details. The capability of recording and retrieving phone calls, both incoming and outgoing, makes Epygi’s Call Recording feature a valuable asset to your ever-growing business. Promptly record your phone conversations, especially the ones with heavy discussions and listen to them later on to catch the important details.

$12.00/Month/1 Call Recording Port

Epygi® Call Recording