Comdial Small Office Voice Processing System (P/N CVSOC4) Version 8.5

Configured with a Rhetorex 432 Brooktrout (RDSP432) 4-port analog voice board.  The display shows a total of 9091 minutes of storage.  The system does not come with a monitor or keyboard.  It does come with a Din 5 to mini Din 6 (PS/2) adapter.  The key allows for up to 5 routing boxes and up to 100 mailboxes.

$600.00 plus $60.00 shipping to lower 48 states.  Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii would need to be arranged.

Condition:  Refurbished - 90 Day Warranty - One Available

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Major System Features

Visual Voice Mail

Subscriber options are presented on the LCD of the Comdial digital telephones. The three soft keys associated with the LCD can be used to implement voice mail features.  (Certain system software levels are required.)


Allows users on the system to record conversations as a new message within their own mailbox.


These two features allow users of the voice mail system to screen their incoming calls.  The user can simply listen to calling party leave a message and determine whether a pick-up is needed immediately.

Call Log

Provides a record of system activity specifying CO line, call type (inbound, outbound, etc.), date and time call started, time call ended, number dialed, outcome of call (busy, completed) and a list of all system boxes involved in the call (up to 99).

Class of Service

Each subscriber can be assigned a Class of Service. The subscriber’s Class of Service determines what capabilities the subscriber will have (maximum message length and number of messages, period of time old messages are stored, maximum calls allowed to

hold for subscriber, etc.).


Similar to Call Log but provides more detail; implemented on port by port basis.

Call Transfer

Allows the system to, at subscribers option, transfer calls to an internal or external location.


The system can convey a callers message (their phone number or a voice message) to a tone, digital or voice pager.

Message Notification

The system can notify a subscriber every time a message is left. Notification can be to an internal extension, an external number or a pager. The system will call up to 5 phone numbers upon receipt of a new message and repeat the cycle if necessary.

Day / Night / Lunch Service /Holiday Service

The system can be programmed to handle calls differently at different times of day and different days of the month.

PA Call Announce

The system can announce calls via an overhead paging system. (Implementation will depend on the capabilities of the phone system.)

Call Queuing

Calls can be queued to a mailbox; the system will inform the caller what place they hold in the queue and periodically offer the caller other options.

Supervisor Mail Box

Special capabilities can be provided: adding and deleting system mail boxes, access to other mail boxes, suspend and restore operation of a mail box, disable and re-enable a system port.

Digit Translation

Allows “inband signaling” (DTMF digits sent by the phone system along with a call) to be translated into instructions that are meaningful to the system. This allows the system to be used in an integrated manner with some phone systems other than

Comdial’s.  Lucent Definity G3, Merlin II & Merlin Legend, Partner ACS, Norstar ICS and Toshiba DK systems just to name a few.

Dial by Name Directory

Subscribers or callers can use the system’s directory to be transferred to the extension they desire. (Uses the Directory Box described earlier in this document.)

Database Lookup

The system can match caller-dialed digits to a DOS text (ASCII) file. The contents of the text file then tell the system how to route the call. For example, this would allow the system to route callers based on their area code (the system would have asked the caller

to enter their area code) without having to create a mail box for every area code in the country.

Line Groups

Out bound calls (turning on message waiting lights, pager notification, transfer, etc.) can be limited to certain system ports. System ports can be placed into one, several or none of four “line groups;” each line group can then be limited to certain kinds of outbound


Time and Date Announcements

The system can, as part of an announcement, be programmed to say the time and/or date at almost any point during call processing.

Subscriber Outbound Calling

Once in their mailbox, a subscriber can have the system place a call to an outside telephone number. The system is essentially creating a conference (using the phone system’s conference feature) between itself, the subscriber and the number the subscriber

wants to call.

Data Entry

The system can ask the caller a series of questions and store the answers (as digits or a voice) for later retrieval. (Uses the Question Box described earlier in this document.)

Support for TDD Devices

Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf (TDDs) can be used to call the system just as a voice caller would. The system simply treats the tones generated by TDDs as a second language. System prompts are entered from a TDD as part of initial installation.

Fax Switch

The system will detect a fax modem tone on an inbound call and transfer the call to a pre-designated extension that is connected to a fax machine.

Multiple “Operator” Destinations

Calls can be routed to different destinations based on the parameters of a specific subscriber’s mailbox.

Call Screening / Call Record

Subscribers can choose to have the system answer their calls, record the caller’s name then put the caller on hold and announce the call to the subscriber. The subscriber can then opt to take the call, have the system take a message or take the call and have the

system record the conversation in the subscriber’s mailbox.

Customized System Prompts

As part of the installation process, standard system prompts can be re-recorded.

Selectable Voice Quality

Messages can be recorded using one of 3 sampling (digital encoding of voice) rates: 32, 64 or 128Kbits/s. (Note that a higher sampling rate will reduce the total storage capacity: a 32Kbits/s rate requires 15 Megabytes of hard disk storage per hour of

recorded voice; a 128Kbit/s rate requires 60 Megabytes of storage per hour. If the sampling rate is changed, system prompts will have to be re-recorded. Note too, that use of the optional Fax Retrieval or Fax Mail features will also affect total storage.)

Account Codes

The system can prompt the caller to enter an account number; the system will play the number back to the subscriber when the associated messages are retrieved. The system can also play the account number back to the caller for verifications. This feature can

also be used to collect a caller’s phone number; the subscriber can then opt to have the system call that number, thus being connected to the caller that left a message. Account numbers can also be sent to a pager as part of the message notification feature. This feature can also be use in conjunction with the Database Lookup, Question Box and Telemarketing features.

Urgent Message

An outside caller has the option to label a message as “